The Mayoress responds

The Provincial Council of Pontevedra supervises the improvements to the Freixeira industrial estate in Cachafeiro.

The mayoress of Forcarei, Verónica Pichel, accompanied the provincial deputies Santos Héctor Rodríguez and Manuel González this week in their visit to the Freixeira industrial estate, in Cachafeiro, to supervise the actions carried out in this industrial area of Forcarei Town Council. The visit was also attended by councillors Paula Vázquez and Ana Doval. 20,000 euros were provided by the Pontevedra Provincial Council through the Town Councils Plan for the first phase of the work, the improvement of the wearing course of a large part of North Street, covering an area of some 5,000 square metres, which had been badly damaged by the passage of time and the constant traffic of vehicles. A second phase was then carried out, also with the collaboration of the provincial institution, to complete the integral improvement of the roads in the industrial estate, with the renovation of the paving and installations in an area of 4,600 square metres, and the signposting and painting of a length of 900 linear metres. Four zebra crossings were installed and a pedestrian route was specifically signposted. This action was also financed by the Xunta de Galicia and the Forcarei Town Council is also planning to renovate the public lighting in the business park, which will be fitted with LED luminaires thanks to an agreement signed with the Provincial Council, with funding from the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving).

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