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Housing registration service

Housing service


What is it?

The objective of the Housing and Property Registry Service of the Forcarei Town Council is to offer a free public service for the search of housing with the aim of facilitating and advising on the whole process to all those interested in settling in the municipality, either to rent or to purchase.

Through the Housing and Property Register service, a database of applicants and bidders for housing and property in Forcarei Town Council is created. It is offered as a free service in which the City Council acts as a mediator between bidders and applicants for housing in order to facilitate access to residence in the municipality.

Its scope of action is municipal, depending organically and functionally on the City Council itself, it has no legal personality of its own and is configured as a municipal service.

How does it work?

All persons who have a property located in the Town Council of Forcarei can add it to the register of housing bidders with the aim of disseminating it among those who may be interested in the property. To add a property to the register it is necessary to fill in the form “Housing Bidders” in which you authorise the publication of the details of the property you wish to add to the register.

For their part, all those interested in moving to a property located in the Town Hall, either to buy it as their own property or to rent it, can use this service to consult all the properties available, thus facilitating their search for housing.

The Town Council accepts no liability for hidden defects, bad faith or malpractice attributable to the person or company signing the authorisation.

The City Council only acts as a mediator between bidders and applicants for housing, so that contracts arising through this register are only concluded between owners and buyers or tenants.

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