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Parroquia San Xoán de Meavía

Parroquia de Meavía

This parish has archaeological remains in an area known as the Mámoa de Boi Morto, on the border with the municipalities of A Estrada and Silleda.

There are also remains of a secondary Roman road.

The parish church has a hall floor plan and a gabled roof. It preserves an antefixed cross and a transept from the 18th century from the original church. Although in ruins, it is worth contemplating a suggestive hermitage isolated in the forest at the foot of the old Vreeiro road, which was used by the wine carriers to carry the wineskins from Ribeiro to Compostela. This is the hermitage of San Amaro, which preserves remains of mural paintings on its walls.

“A Lagoa Sacra”, in Valadares and also on the border with the lands of Estrada and Silleda, is another of the parish’s attractions, some 700 metres above sea level. It is a protected area within the “Rede Natura”. It is also a Site of Ornithological Interest within the Brañas de Xestoso complex.

It is an extensive area of scrubland and wet meadows with interesting brañas. The existing fauna is made up of a varied representation of amphibians and reptiles. You can also find eaglets, hawks, white eagles and storks, as well as mammals such as foxes and wolves.

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