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Parroquia San Nicolás de Ventoxo


The parish of Ventoxo is the one with the smallest population, as only the villages of Ventoxo and Fontenla belong to it. Its church was erected in the 17th century, and it is recorded that a master architect from Tudela called Amaro Guerrero worked on it, who would also later work in Presqueiras and Folgoso. The transept and some granaries attached to the old farmhouses are an attraction worth taking into account.

In the parish of Sano Nicolás de Ventoxo, in the course of the river, there is the old ponte de la Bouzada or Ponte Vieja from the beginning of the 18th century, where you could find up to eight mills. Nowadays, only four of these eight mills remain: the Molino de bajo, Molino del Chocolatero, Molino de la Chousa and Molino del Ratón. The four that are missing are the Molino del Candal, Molino de Vilapouca, Molino De la cual and Molino del Cagote, all of which were destroyed in recent raids.

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