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Parroquia San Bartolomeu de Pereira


The source of the Umia river is in this parish, near the village of Reigosa. There are several mámoas near the village of Muras, where there is also one of the best-preserved forts. Next to it there is a rustic chapel from the 18th century, of very small dimensions. The parish church, from the 17th century, has a Baroque façade, similar to that of the church of Millerada, except for the differences in size, and crowned by a quadrangular belfry of the Cistercian type. Inside, there is still a Romanesque baptismal font from the 13th century, decorated with Latin crosses, fleur-de-lis and geometric figures. There is also a 17th century Baroque image of the Virgin Mary. In the cemetery you can see carvings by the master stonemasons Manuel Villaverde Viéitez and Manuel López Barciela, both from Aciveiro.

In this parish we find one of the alvarizas that are still in good condition. The alvarizas are traditional constructions whose purpose was to protect the beehives and the precious honey from predators, especially the bear that inhabited these lands until the 19th century. This one in Pereira is rectangular in shape and measures 17 metres by 10 metres wide. Its walls are two metres high on the outside in some places and four metres high on the inside. Its door faces towards the east, although access is not possible as it is private property.

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