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Parroquia de Santa María de Madanela

Parroquia de Santa Maria Madalena

This parish also has an important archaeological wealth, of which the castro of Sanguñedo, almost elliptical in shape and with annexed fortifications of considerable size, is worth mentioning. From the Madanela also come two Roman-period urcéolos which are preserved in the Museum of Pontevedra, one of which bears the epigraphic inscription AQUILI / DLT. There are also remains of a necropolis in the place known as the Braña de los Moros, where tegulae and worked stone slabs have been found, and an important Campo de Mámoas in the Carrascal on the bank of the Camino Real.

Of notable interest is also the parish church, an avant-garde work bequeathed by the altruistic spirit of the builder Alfredo González Barros, who owned a modernist style house inspired by Gaudí in the same village of Soutelo de Montes, erected in 1931 by Manuel González Barros, with the curious characteristic of having the tiles handmade one by one by Portuguese craftsmen in the 1930s.

The CETMO or Ethnographic Centre of the Terra de Montes, promoted by the González Ruibal family, houses a collection of unique pieces of domestic life, trades, farming and emigration in the Terra de Montes, so well immortalised by the photographer Virxilio Vieitez, considered one of the main Spanish photographers of the 20th century.

A visit to Soutelo de Montes should not forget the monument to the pipers and, in particular, to Avelino Cachafeiro Bugallo, located in the square also dedicated to his memory, in the centre of the town centre, opposite the Parque Venezuela, where you can see a map of Terra de Montes carved in stone by the Escuela de Canteros, as well as the petos de ánimas in the Plaza de la Constitución and in the Plaza de los Gaiteros, both dating from the 19th century.

In Tras del Monte, there is the Castelo viewpoint and in La Graña, there is the Graña waterfall in an area with a dam and an old reservoir as well as a holm oak grove on one of the slopes.

And of course, the Karting de la Magdalena circuit, a place where you can enjoy motor racing.

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