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forcarei gastronomic festivals

In the gastronomic field, it is easy to appreciate the typical cuisine of Forcarei and Terra de Montes, in which we can taste the salted or truffled chicken, game and fishing, stewed meat, stew, croca and, above all, the dish par excellence of our artisan cuisine, the richada meat.

festa da richada

Carne richada is the typical dish of the municipality of Forcarei. It was born along the Ruta dos Arrieiros, a traditional path used to transport the wine produced in the monasteries and other products of the area to the points of sale of the time.

The Festa da Richada was celebrated for the first time in 1976, and after being interrupted its celebration was recovered by the Department of Culture of the Forcarei Town Council.

Diners from all over Galicia come to this festival, held on the first Sunday of Christmas, and year after year the number of people who decide to taste this exclusive dish of the municipality’s gastronomy is growing.

festa do cogomelo de soutelo

The festa do cogomelo has been held in Soutelo de Montes since 1999 in November. Every autumn thousands of people visit this festival to taste the mushrooms collected in the meadows of the region after the first rains of the season.

It is worth mentioning that the dishes served are confectioned by adding mushrooms and other delicacies: tripe, rice, wild boar meat, etc. And for the enjoyment of all visitors, they are complemented with home-made desserts such as the delicious filloas.

In recent years, a traditional fair has been held which is now part of the calendar of sustainable fairs in Galicia, where local artisan products are showcased. 

other gastronomic festivals

In Forcarei, in addition to the aforementioned celebrations, the following are held annually: the Festa da Convivencia en Meavía (O carneiro ó Espeto, the second weekend of August), Festival Folk CHURRUCHAO, with the festa da Croca (the first weekend of August),
Festa do Caracol in A Graña de Umia, Quintillán (the second weekend of August)

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