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The Plenary is the body of maximum political representation of the citizens within the municipal government and is made up of the mayoress and the councillors (it is precisely the mayoress who is responsible for convening and chairing the plenary sessions, although she may delegate one of the councillors).

One of the most important functions of the municipal Plenary, within its tasks of supervision and control of the governing bodies, is the vote on motions of censure and motions of confidence. Likewise, the Plenary is also responsible for agreements relating to the alteration of the composition or boundaries of the municipal district or agreements on the participation of the Town Council in supra-municipal bodies.

The Plenary is also responsible for the approval and modification of by-laws, ordinances, budgets, staffing, municipal regulations, etc. The initial and final approval of town planning procedures is also one of the Plenary’s competences, as well as the transfer of its functions to other administrations or the determination of the way in which the Town Council will manage municipal services.

The Plenary of the Corporation agreed that the periodicity of the plenary sessions will be bimonthly, in even months, to be held on the third Thursday of the month, at 12:00 hours, except in the month of August, which will be held on the last Friday of the month.

It is made up of the following members:


Verónica Pichel Guisande (Forcarei).
Businesswoman, consultant, teacher and quality auditor specialising in the tourism sector, co-founder of Proturga and founding member of Clúster de Turismo Galicia. President of the cultural collective Co-Enrédate and is a member of the board of the Association of Friends of the Mosteiro de Aciveiro and Terra de Montes.

José de la Fuente Villamayor (Graña de Umia).
Livestock businessman and partner of Gandeiría de la Fuente.

Paula Vázquez Martínez (Quintelas-Dúas Igrexas).
INEF student at the University of A Coruña, women’s football player and promoter of local initiatives in favour of equality.

Ana Doval Fraíz (Soutelo de Montes).
Graduate in Political Science and Administration. Collaborator of the Cultural Association O Can de San Roque. She is currently an advisor for Social Projects at the Pontevedra Provincial Council.

José Álvarez Sanmartín (Morgade -Presqueiras).
A pensioner, he is a member of the board of directors of the Community of Montes and is a promoter of the festivities in honour of the patron saint of San Miguel de Presqueiras.


Belén Cachafeiro Anta (Forcarei).
Businesswoman in the service sector and chairwoman of the Forcarei Women’s Association (Amfor).

Ricardo Villaverde Iglesias (Dúas Igrexas).
Livestock businessman and partner of Gandeiría de la Fuente.

Vicente Búa Martínez(San Miguel de Presqueiras).
Senior Technician in Commercial Management and Marketing, he works in the local company Vidrogal. He is also secretary of the community of montes.

Alejo Vidal Moreno (Meavía).
Graduate in Business Studies and president of the cultural association San Juan de Meavía and the youth association San Amaro.

Ángeles Ballesteros Vilariño (Soutelo de Montes).
Trader and member of the board of the Community of Montes de Soutelo.


Roberto Jorge Correa. (Presqueiras).
Forestry engineer. He works in the Fire Defence Service and Manager of the Provincial Fire Consortium.
He is a member of the board of directors of the Presqueiras community of mountains.


The City Council of Forcarei, through the Secretariat-Intervention, has at the disposal of all those who request it, the register of interests of the mayoress Verónica Pichel Guisande and the councillors who make up the corporation, which includes their declaration of assets and activities and causes of possible incompatibility.

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