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Get excited about nature

Nature lovers can find in Forcarei a green destination hardly comparable to any other.

Forcarei is the only council in Galicia with three protected areas included in the nature network or hiking trails that lead us through places of unimaginable beauty.


It is obvious that Forcarei is a green paradise. The wooded area of the municipality exceeds 2,190 hectares. There is an abundance of native hardwood species such as chestnut and oak.

This combination of natural elements was the reason why the Fundación Galicia Verde and the Fundación Ceo, Ciencia e Cultura had established their centres in the town hall to carry out their research, teaching and dissemination activities.

The territory is located in a space between the more humid coastal oceanic climate and the interior, with Mediterranean nuances.

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Short summary about the city council, made by TVG in the programme de viaxe  in 2009.

The fauna and flora of Rivers and Mountains

It so happens that the Serra do Candán is one of the best preserved environmental areas in Galicia. The Natura Network takes good account of its 10,683 hectares, approximately half of which have the soil occupied by dry heather torgueiras. There are many carballeiras and riparian forests around its hydrographic network.

It is evident that all these characteristics are the perfect breeding ground for the conservation of the fauna of the area, mammals such as the wolf, the wild cat and the wild boar and birds such as the great owl and the peregrine falcon can often be seen in the area.

The Serra do Cando, with 5,500 hectares and altitudes between 600 and 1,000 metres, has amphibious vegetation of great interest due to its singularity and high ecological value.

 “from Candan you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and graded horizons of inland Galicia”.

Ramón Otero Pedrayo

Trails to discover

To enjoy the natural area of Candán, it is advisable to follow the Aciveiro – Candán route (PR-G 100), which is approved by the Galician Mountaineering Federation.

Another of the footpaths that have a major attraction for visitors to Forcarei and the Route of the Pontes del Lérez (PR-G 113) is the result of a collaboration between the chronicler Antonio Rodríguez Fraiz and the artist Agustín Portela Paz. The route reveals the bridges along the route while showing the intangible culture of the places it passes through.

The path of “muiños” and Freixa de Chamosa and a route of 800m to enjoy an environment of enormous natural beauty: the waterfall and the mills of the village of Chamosa, very close to the town of Forcarei. The access runs from the centre of the rural centre over a wooden footbridge from which you can enjoy the final stretch of the freixa and the old mills that have been restored, integrated in a unique natural space.

Trail location (42.593059834912, -8.363073782611167)


The viewpoint of the Neveiras de Fixó (Millerada), the Alto do Seixo (Presqueiras), the Alto do Candán (Aciveiro) and the Pico do Costoia (Pardesoa) offer us a unique panoramic view of the Terra de Montes and even of the province and allow us to appreciate the richness of our landscape.

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