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The municipality of Forcarei occupies, in the north-central area of the province of Pontevedra, a total area of 167.7 km2, with an average altitude of 625 m., which is indicative of a notably mountainous area. The highest peaks in Forcarei are Mount Seixo (1,014 m) in the Cando mountain range, Alto de A Ruza (902 m) in the "parroquia" of Madanela, Mount Custoia (951 m) in Pardesoa and Alto de San Benito (1,017 m) in the Candán mountain range.


The thirteen “parroquias” that make up the municipality of Forcarei are linked to each other and to the capital of the municipality by roads articulated around this and Soutelo de Montes, as the main centres of population and economic and social activity.

The City Council, in terms of tourism, is characterised by a wide dispersion of the most significant elements that can be considered attractive Tourist Resources to make up the joint offer on which to rely in order to complete the capacity of the Xeodestino Pontevedra Norte.

The City Council participates in the actions of the Xeodestino Pontevedra Norte (Deza – Tabeirós and Terra de Montes) and at the same time collaborates directly with the Deputation of Pontevedra through Destino Rías Baixas.

Also a good recognition through several of its natural, heritage and cultural resources, among which we highlight, the “Serra do Candán”, the “Serra do Cando”, the “Mosteiro de Aciveiro”, the “Gaiteiro de Soutelo de Montes” (D. Avelino Cachafeiro), and other figures of great importance in various arts and crafts.



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