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Get excited as a family

Forcarei is a quiet and safe municipality for family activities. There are plenty of natural spaces and far from the roads and the hustle and bustle of the cities.

“Muiños”, bridges and trails can be fascinating places for children if parents help them to discover them and show them the importance of these places.

family activities

There are numerous activities for families to enjoy in our destination.

The town council of Forcarei has the first public astronomical observatory in Galicia. The main objective of this facility is the dissemination of astronomical and scientific research. In this place they carry out activities that try to bring science closer to citizens, mainly to children and youth. The Observatory offers guided tours for all audiences where visitors can visit a professional telescope, enjoy an explanation of the night sky as well as the most interesting and outstanding mythological stories.

The Ethnographic Centre of Terra de Montes (CETMO), located in the Multipurpose Hall of Soutelo de Montes, is a place dedicated to the study, conservation and dissemination of the cultural and material heritage of the region. This museum has a collection of more than 1200 pieces (740 exhibited). A visit to the ethnographic centre is a simple way of introducing children to the history and culture of the region. A fun and enriching experience for the whole family.

Archaeology with the family

Through the “castros”, “mámoas” and petroglyphs of Forcarei families can take a “journey” back in time and imagine what life was like for our ancestors. They are magical places that attract the attention of the youngest members of the family but are also enjoyed by adults.

Sixty-nine “mamoas” are catalogued in the municipality of Forcarei, highlighting necropolises such as the Campo das Mámoas in Carrascal (Soutelo de Montes), the “mámoas” of Coto Vello, in Dúas Igrexas and the Campo de Antas, in Castrelo. All of them date from between the 4th and 3rd millennium BC.

There is also an abundance of forts and #rupestre engravings in the municipality. The Castro de As rodeiras de Garellas stands out, where an archaeological excavation was carried out in 2020 and you can walk through the croa and the antecastro as well as access the didactic unit of the excavation by means of the qr code on the information panel located there.

The excavation of the lost village of SIlvaescura, located on the border between the mountains of Soutelo de Montes and Trasdomonte, of which only two structures are still visible, has recently begun.

There are few documented historical references to this village. The most important is the redemption of the fora of the village of Codesás to the convent of Aciveiro, a document dated 1624. There are also references to the history of this place in the toponymy of the surroundings, Su Casa, Silva Oscura, Camino de la Brea (reference to the transit of commercial activity with the monasteries and Compostela).

With the aim of highlighting these works, guided tours are being given by the Institute of Heritage Sciences.

Silvaescura village location42.537261, -8.288871)

Nature with the family

The municipality of Forcarei offers families an infinite number of places to play and enjoy nature. 

There are, among others, two approved routes. The Aciveiro – Candán route (PR-G 100) and the Sendeiro das Pontes do Lerez (PR-G 113).   

The recreational area of Freixeira is a perfect place for have a snack or spend the day with the family enjoying the river and the carballeira. In addition to this you can find in the town hall other recreational areas, most of them are located on the banks of the river Lérez and are equipped with furniture so they can be used for picnics. The Cotelo, Ponte Andón and Ponte do Crego areas are also located on the route of the Pontes do Lerez Route, making them ideal places to take a break and recharge your batteries.

In the municipality of Forcarei there are more than 280 river mills. Some of these constructions can be visited while walking along the different paths of the municipality. These constructions can attract the attention of children.


A few times a year the sky brings snow to the town, when hundreds of visitors take the opportunity to visit the snow-capped peaks of Candán and Seixo

Children and not so little ones play at making snowmen, bun fights, etc. and enjoy a fun family day out.

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