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Camiños de Santiago

The city council of Forcarei is crossed by two roads that link the north of Portugal with the city of Santiago de Compostela: the “Camiño Miñoto – Ribeiro” and the “Camiño” of Geira and Arrieiros.


Both routes are in the process of becoming official routes of the Camino de Santiago, for which their historicity as pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela and their influence on the formalisation of the structure of the territory through which they pass must be justified.

Currently, the main routes of the Pilgrims’ Routes to Santiago are: the “Camiño Francés”; the “Camiño do Norte”, coastal route and inland route, also known as the “Camiño Primitivo” or of Ovedo; the “Camiño Inglés”; the “Camiño” of Fisterra and Muxía; the “Camiño Portugués”, inland and coastal; the “Vía da Prata” or “Camiño Mozárabe”; and the “Camiño do Inverno”.

Map of the Miñoto – Ribeiro and Geira and Arrieiros “camiños” as they pass through Forcarei

Camiño Miñoto Ribeiro

Camiño da Geira e dos Arrieiros

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