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The Santo Cristo de Meavía festivities return to Forcarei after the pandemic

– The first major festive event after two years of major restrictions will be held on 15, 16 and 17 April, with open-air dances featuring Olympus, Finisterre, La Oca Band and Meavía Rock. The Forcarei Town Council is collaborating with the festival committee in this celebration, mainly in the preparation of the areas of the festival field and the church.👉After two years of pandemic due to covid-19 and important restrictions, the festivities will return next week in all their dimension to the town council of Forcarei, with the celebration of the Santo Cristo de la Agonía de Meavía. They will take place on the 15th, 16th and 17th of April. The Town Council collaborates with the celebration. The mayoress Verónica Pichel met a few days ago with the president of the festival committee, *Ángel Mario Rozados, to analyse the needs of the parish for the development of the festivities, and the brigade of municipal workers is already working in the area conditioning the festival field and the contour of the church so that everything will be in an optimal state next week. New rubbish containers and a wooden platform and hips will also be placed for Sunday’s performances, among other actions. The festival committee designed an attractive poster to recover this traditional and popular event in honour of the Santo Cristo de la Agonía, which has not been held in Meavía since April 2019. During the last few years the parish festivities were limited to small religious events, with no trace of the popular verbenas. The activities in Meavía will begin on the night of 15 April, with a large open-air dance by the Olympus and Finisterre orchestras. On Saturday 16th the verbena will be in charge of La Oca Band and Meavía Rock, with fireworks at 00.00 hours. There will be a pulpeiro on both days. Finally, on Sunday 17th there will be a solemn mass and procession at 12.30 pm, followed by a vermouth session enlivened by the Charangaitos and the duo Punto Cero. In the afternoon there will be free inflatables for children and performances by Decotío Gaiteros and Charangaitos (18.00 hours) and the duo Punto Cero (22.00 hours).

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