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Sendeiro das Pontes do Lerez

The Ruta das Pontes do Lérez runs parallel to the bed of one of the most famous rivers in the province of Pontevedra: the Lérez. With a total length of 13.7 kilometres, in the four and a half hours of the route you will be able to see places full of history, such as the Mosteiro de Aciveiro, cross bridges full of legends and mystery, but above all enjoy the natural landscapes that the Lérez sees carved between the centenary forests. The route will not disappoint you with its windmills, mills, waterwheels and paths.


The route is 15.8 km long.


The difficulty of the route is Medium.

Estimated duration

The estimated duration of the trail is 4.5 hours.


Access for bicycles is not suitable


Access on horseback is not suitable

Ruta das Pontes do Lérez PR-G 113

characteristics of the route

Date of approval: June 2009

Access: Access from the N-541 that goes from Pontevedra to Ourense, in Folgoso turn off towards Cachafeiro and Aciveiro.

Starting / finishing point: Mosteiro de Aciveiro / Gaxín.
Route: Mosteiro de Aciveiro, Ponte Vella de Andón, Ponte da Carballa, Ponte do Crego, Ponte Maril, Zona do Batán, Ponte de Forcarei, Ponte de Gomail and Gaxín.

M.I.D.E. Medium (3) Itinerary (2) Displacement (3) Effort (3)

Mapping: IGN. 1:25000 / Nº 153-II Forcarei.


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