The Mayoress responds

Partido Popular spokeswoman calls on the Guardia Civil to demand different treatment at City Hall

– She wanted that certain documentation had been advanced to her because she disagreed with the dates set by the Mayor’s Office to access it- The mayoress reminds Belén Cachafeiro that she must abide by the administrative procedure as any neighbour. The spokesperson for the Partido Popular de Forcarei, Belén Cachafeiro, went today to the Civil Guard headquarters to denounce that municipal officials refused to advance her documentation that she will be able to access in the near future, as she had been formally informed by the Mayor’s Office. The councillor recently presented several requests for information on different files and the Town Council replied within the five days established by the regulations, indicating specific dates (19 and 29 April) to give her access to some of them, or clarifying that, given the current workload, it would give her access as soon as possible. Cachafeiro, who was accompanied by another councillor, demanded this morning that she had been provided with the documentation and announced to many of the Town Hall staff that she would go to the Guardia Civil if they did not give her the one she wanted. And so he did, as shortly after his departure from the municipal offices, some officials received notice to go to the barracks to testify the next day. The mayoress, Verónica Pichel, who was not in the town hall when Cachafeiro’s protest took place, understands that the popular spokeswoman must assume that the rules are there to be complied with by the whole neighbourhood, including councillors and deputies. The only difference when requesting access to documentation between councillors and residents lies in the time the council has to respond to the request, five days in the first case and a longer period in the second.

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