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Festa do Gaiterio

The festivities are dedicated to the piper Avelino Cachafeiro, one of the most illustrious Galician pipers in Galicia. El Gaitero de Soutelo was proclaimed the best piper in Galicia in 1924. The event brings together numerous traditional Galician music bands that perform music with traditional dances. The event attracts thousands of people from all over Galicia and Portugal. The origin of the festival dates back to the meetings organised with the students of the bagpipe group of the region of Tabeirós-Terra de Montes. Nowadays, the celebration brings together hundreds of musicians from all over Galicia and from some foreign countries who perform traditional pieces with bagpipes, drums and “pandereta” accompanied by traditional dances in the Praza dos Gaiteiros.

Name: Festa do Gaiterio

Category: Eventos Populares

Municipality: Forcarei

Parish: Soutelo de Montes

Figure / Degree of protection: Declarada de Interés Turístico Gallego en 2010

Opening data: End of August

Current role: Event

Code: F20

Previous function: Event

Timetable: Xornada completa

Property: Public

Main entrance: Asphalted road

Access signposting: No

Informative signage: No

Parking: Yes

Other infrastructure: No

Assessment of the potential of the tourism resource (maximum 5, minimum 1)

Singularity: 5

Accessibility: 5

Attractive: 5

Security: 5

Impact resistance: 5

Ease of installation: 5

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