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Aldea de Silvaescura

The excavation of the lost village of SIlvaescura, located on the border between the mountains of Soutelo de Montes and Trasdomonte, of which only two structures are still visible, has recently begun.

Few documented historical references to this village are known. The most important of these is the redemption of the fora of the village of Codesás to the convent of Aciveiro, a document dated 1624. Other references to the history of this place are the toponymy of the surrounding area, Su Casa, Silva Oscura, Camino de la Brea (reference to the transit of commercial activity with the monasteries and Compostela).

With the aim of highlighting these works, guided tours are being given by the Institute of Heritage Sciences.

Name: Aldea de Silvaescura

Municipality: Forcarei

Parish: Soutelo de Montes

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