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Aciveiro – Candán Route

A 15-kilometre circular route that starts at the Mosteiro de Aciveiro and follows the contours of a protected landscape: the Serra do Candán. During 4 and a half hours, we will walk alongside the incipient Lérez, to then ascend to the Curuto da Serra. We will get to know the habitat of these harsh lands and we will see different traces of the human attempt to dominate them.


The route is 15.0 km long.


The difficulty of the route is Low. Important to take climate changes into consideration

Estimated duration

The estimated duration of the trail is 4.5 hours.


Access for bicycles is allowed. Partially suitable


Access on horseback is permitted. Partially suitable

PR-G 100 Aciveiro - Candán Nature Trail

characteristics of the route

Approval Date: September 2007

Access: From Santiago and Ourense by the AP-53 or the N-525 to Lalín; continue along the PO-200 to Aciveiro. From Pontevedra by the N-541 and at Cercedo and follow the PO-200 to Aciveiro.

Starting/finishing point: Mosteiro de Aciveiro.

Route: Mosteiro de Santa María de Aciveiro, Vilaverde, A Rochela, A Lomba, Mámoa, Lamasgalán de Arriba, Lamasgalán de Abaixo, Mouro Negro, Ponte Vella de Andón, Andón, O Cotiño and Mosteiro.

Material: Given the weather conditions in the mountains, it is advisable to wear waterproof mountain shoes and warm clothing.

M.I.D.E. Medium (1) Itinerary (2) Displacement (2) Effort (3)

Mapping: IGN. 1:25000 / Nº 153-II Forcarei.


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