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50 Years of Avelino Cachafeiro

The Town Council of Forcarei celebrated this morning in the cemetery of Soutelo de Montes an act of homage to Avelino Cachafeiro, the Piper of Soutelo, on the 50th anniversary of his death. The Forcarei Pipe Band played several songs such as the Muiñeira de Chantada or the Galician Anthem, among others, during the wreath laying at the Cachafeiro’s pantheon, the mayoress Verónica Pichel, highlighted the relevance of the figure of Avelino Cachafeiro for all Forcaricenses and for Galicia. “It is a pride for Soutelo de Montes and for the whole council of Forcarei, both for its undoubted cultural and artistic value, and because in some way he became a great reference of our popular music and an emblem of our Galician feeling”, in the act also participated the musician and researcher Rubén Troitiño, who played a piece with an original chanter of Cachafeiro, and Bautista Alberte Fírvida, together with other relatives of the piper. Also in attendance were Pedro Magariños, from the Galician Pipers Association and Tomás Sanchos, from the Friends of the Terra de Montes Association.

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